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Business Name:  Chateau Les Oliviers,Villa Nadia
Description:  On a hill mantled with olive groves, overlooking Tripoli and its blue coast you find the enchanting Château des Oliviers. Upon entering, you step into a combination of old and new, East and West, where dream and reality blend harmoniously into one.Greeting you at the entrance is a bronze statue of a Medieval Soldier-at-Arms. From there you enter into a succession of salons designed in French, English, Chinese, Spanish Ottoman and Oriental styles. The latter is furnished in a style that will transport you in the era of the Arabian Nights. Then, you enter into the elegantly appointed and spacious dining room. The rooms and suites above are furnished in a beautiful and unique style.Strolling in the wings of the château, you come across many contrasting works of art and oriental antiques, set off by the central high ceiling of inlaid wood and gold, a work of art dating back to the 15th century.The night club on the ground floor conveys a dreamy romantic mood with its wooden paneling, tapestries and chandeliers, to accommodate 120 persons.Shopping out, you then find yourself surrounded by large private gardens hedged with fountains, olive and fruit trees. Visit the château's swimming pool around which are beautiful flowers of all kinds and equiped with barbecues, bar and dancing area.
City:  Lebanon/Tripoli
Postal Address:  North Lebanon (Direction Bahsas, Haykalieh Region)

Phone Number:  +961-6-411170 / 80 / 90
Fax Number:  +961-6-440981 / 441595
Mobile Phone:  +961-3-634546 / 228432
Contact Person:  Mrs. Nadia Dibo

E-Mail Address:  Send message
URL / Website:  http://www.villanadia.com

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